Back to Work! Exiting Circuit Breaker

Back to Work! Exiting Circuit Breaker


We are now living in a different time - nobody knows the outcome of everything yet. Using the information and knowledge that we have, planning and responding with a well thought plan - putting much careful attention and considering not just the business but also the employees is a huge impact and would definitely encourage employees to remain strong in times like this.

Rethinking your current business structure and working situation for employees is a must. Emergency and health responses should also be considered. And most importantly communicating all these new plans and structures to your employees is essential and would require a new setup too.

Communicating the changes and plans in relation to employee welfare and the new employee benefits setup should be clear and concise to avoid future problems. New revised contracts for employees are also necessary. Protecting your people and assets so you and your employees can have peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for virtually any surprises.

Singapore businesses and employers should let their employees do the work-from-home setup as the circuit breaker comes to an end. Employees should only be required to go to the office if and only if doing the work virtually is not possible at all. Employees are also encouraged, if not commanded, to not organize social gatherings outside the workplace even after their working hours. Gathering and socializing within office premises should not be allowed at the same time.

Maintaining Good Personal Hygiene - This should be a habit not just for the office but also as they leave from and to their homes. Everyone should be mindful of the new office requirement to maintain personal hygiene including frequent washing of hands especially when one reaches the office, cleaning and disinfecting your own desk daily. The business could also provide essentials like alcohol or hand sanitizers and face masks. This ensures employees that they are well-taken care of by the company.

Telecommute – Some Singapore businesses should continue adapting work-from-home arrangements especially for those industries where employees do not need to be physically present at the office. Tasks, reporting, and meetings are given and done remotely. If your priority is the employee’s welfare - this is by far the safest option to do. Working remotely provides increased flexibility for employees.

Split Team Arrangement – Businesses that are now open must ensure that their employees present at the workplace are not socializing in groups or with other teams or departments. Social distancing should also be properly and continually applied within the office teams, departments, and the whole office vicinity. Regular disinfection should also be leveled up.

Flexible Work Schedule - Going to work a few days a week or a few staggered hours a week with flexible time. Some employees have job descriptions that do not allow them to WFH (Work-From-Home) due to their nature of work activities. They should be allowed to start to work in non-peak hours to avoid traffic and other commuting issues.

Lastly, Engage Corporate Benefits Program - Provide incentives or employee discount programs to help them save during this time. Look into your company’s employee benefits and maybe arrange an employee rewards program - if it is only attainable financially. Employee welfare is of utmost importance. Aside from uplifting and encouraging words, offering them corporate benefits during this crisis would definitely lighten them up.