Why SmartMall?

Why Join SmartMall - Employee Benefits Platform Singapore

Why Join SmartMall?

If you are one of the corporate businesses in Singapore that is looking to provide employees with benefits for their loyalty and hard work, you will need a platform where they can easily acquire the employee rewards in a form of discounts and offers for a variety of branded products and services. This way you are not just being generous to your employees while saving a lot on employee perks, you will also be able to avoid employee attrition and keep your company growing.

SmartMall is a one-stop employee benefits program that can be easily accessed online anytime and anywhere. This is a whole new way of convenient shopping especially for employees who might not have enough time to go to malls and shop for their needs and wants. Joining SmartMall is easy. Your company or business just needs to enquire through email to get started in providing shopping discounts to employees right away.

Here are more reasons to join SmartMall now.

No Membership Cost to Enhance Staff Engagement

Registration on SmartMall is fast and 100% free. There are also $0 membership costs and absolutely no hidden fees. Amaze your employees with corporate benefits such as instant discounts for online shopping offered by SmartMall.

365 days of corporate staff discount

SmartMall offers 365 days of exclusive employee benefits in Singapore in form of shopping discounts. Employees can shop anytime they want and enjoy huge savings of up to 70% discount for newly joined organizations. Unlike other platforms that only offer seasonal discounts, SmartMall provides a year's supply of discounts to its corporate partners.

Easy Shopping Experience

SmartMall provides effortless shopping through its website and provides a huge catalogue of products in different categories such as home & living, fashion, beauty, gadgets, baby products, toys, health and fitness, and more from a range of top brands. The website also uses a seamless payment and a smooth delivery system.

Trusted by renowned organizations in Singapore

SmartMall employee benefits platform is an initiative of AceCom Technologies Pte Ltd designed for companies to enjoy substantial savings with upfront discounts. AceCom has been actively doing roadshows for renowned organizations for employee benefits programs and is one of the leading IT & electronic product distributors in Singapore for almost 30 years.

More and more corporations and organizations are relying on SmartMall for employee welfare. They believe that SmartMall is a great platform to reward employees. Rewards are better enjoyed if employees can choose them via the website.

Branded items for less

SmartMall has a range of branded items that employees can get for less. Using corporate gift vouchers and discounts, they can purchase premium products without breaking the bank.

Companies that practice employee benefit programs can ensure grateful employees who will work harder and contribute more to the success of the company. Most of the time it’s the perks that will make them stay because that will make them feel valued and their work appreciated. Give the employees the appreciation they deserve and let SmartMall help you with that.