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Leading Corporate Employee Benefits Platform in Singapore

What We Do

One-Stop Employee Discount Platform

Singapore’s leading online shopping site for corporate discounts. SmartMall gives exclusive corporate promos and deals from top brands and retailers. Enjoy huge savings, great offers and perks on wide array of products and services. 

Why Offer Employee Benefits Program?

Engage and connect to your employees with exciting company benefits. Corporate shopping as a fringe benefit is a sure-fire way to improve employee welfare and satisfaction. A little reward system for employees to boost productivity, attract talent and retain a happy and loyal team. 

Employee Discounts at No-Cost

Setting up is easy and 100% free. No hidden fees or membership costs. Corporate partners can sign-up and provide exclusive discounts to employees right away. 

No Integration Needed

No additional HR work necessary. Convenient and simple to use. Fuss-free and straightforward. SmartMall’s employee benefit program is designed to give no additional trouble to your organisation or company. All transaction is done within the platform. 

With Wide Range of Items from Various Brands on Discount

Extensive perks & privileges from top brands. From fashion & accessories, kitchen and home items, electronic gadgets, toys, sports or outdoor items, skincare, corporate gifts, food & groceries, we leave no item behind! Bargain deals available everyday!

Customised Shopping Experience

Customisable discounts and coupons. Whether you are looking to reward the entire team or offer a special discount as a form of employee recognition, SmartMall’s customisable corporate benefits program can provide your employees with a unique, highly-rewarding shopping experience. 

Dedicated Customer Support

Accessible and dedicated support team. SmartMall handles all transactions from checkout to aftersales for all enquiries or technical assistance.

Why Partner with SmartMall?

Trusted by multinational corporations (MNCs) and SMEs alike. We are your expert partner on employee rewards and great employee benefits. Our easy-to-use platform provide employees with a shopping powerhouse like no other.

Our Vision

To engage & connect all levels of corporate partners onto one platform allowing everyone to enjoy employee benefits using exclusive promotion codes. Our objective is to celebrate employee’s hard work together with corporate partners by rewarding them through a reliable online shopping platform where they can enjoy great deals & big savings.

Contact Us

Looking for a corporate perks program for your employees? Or bulk purchase order for any special event? Enquire now at [email protected]!


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NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto

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